About Mirage-Ink

We are a family owned business that specializes in custom software and support. We can provide every thing from custom one-off programs to minor fixes of programs you already have. We also create all of the graphics for our projects including program icons and website buttons such as the ones found on this site. In short, Mirage-Ink can program it, fix it, maintain it, and make it look nice. What more do you need? Just let us know!

We Support Our Work

If a problem comes up with our software, we will take care of it. If the problem is due to our error or an omission in the "original scope of work", it will be fixed at no charge.

Unique Solutions to Common Problems

Not all problems need custom software solutions. Some serious problems can be solved in easy ways. This is where our experience can help. For example one customer needed to convert tons of drawings from a main frame cad system to AutoCAD, but the main frame system did not have a DXF capability. The solution was to plot all the drawings to a file in HPGL and convert the HPGL from within AutoCAD to create the needed drawings. This turned out to be a freeware lisp routine found on the internet. This process was further enhanced by using automation to complete the job without any user intervention. Total cost to the customer was 1/2 day in labor to set it up.

about your current needs. We appreciate the opportunity to serve.

-John W. Barton Jr.

If you'd like to see more of what our lead artist can do, check out his personal site at www.crescentdebris.com